Why transform your business digitally?

Los tres elementos de la transformación digital, según Altimeter

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The world is changing from one moment to another. Yesterday dot com companies were the big news, today there are companies based on an app that are worth millions. Faced with this changing landscape, many leaders are wondering what to do to keep up with the digital ecosystem.


This entry in the Digital Paradigma blog certainly contains a very practical point of view to understand the reasons for joining the digital transformation. We share it for you, enjoy:


Why transform your business digitally?


There is a need to survive: arriving late is not arriving. You have to transform when you are a leader, then we become zombies and, at that moment, there is nothing to do. A very clear success story is that of Coca-Cola, which continuously innovates with algorithms and data collection to be able to predict what consumption of liters of soda in each city. It manages the production of its factories and manages to reduce the storage to almost 0. Its machine learning system is one of the most advanced in the world.


On the other hand, competition has changed: digital giants are threatening all sectors. We live in a digital and global world. The digital is not only changing the world, but the way we live. We live in the customer era. It is the first time in history that our customers are more advanced in technology than the companies themselves.


At the corporate level we are at the beginning of the era of machines. Why? We are digitizing the physical world through satellites, sensors, IoT, machine to machine … This generates a lot of data that companies often see as noise, but what there really is value. To this day we have to be able to handle and interpret the whole volume of data, not just a sample, but the whole set.


Therefore, we are in the age of merging the intelligence of people with intelligence and data machines. The future is artificial intelligence and the ultimate goal of all digital giants is to get the most out of it.


Digitization is changing exponentially. This makes the time frames have changed, now we do not talk about years, but weeks and even days.


How to become a digital company?


This change requires a logical consequence of the world we live in, the digital and global world, the customer era, the beginning of the machine age.


What do I have to change? Customer Centricity Obsession is where we have to go. The beautiful interfaces are no longer enough, the current need is to know our customer individually to adapt to it, adapt our channels and customize our products and / or services. This requires analysis of navigation data and behavior of our customers, and a continuous analysis of all that data. All this is of no use if we forget the omnichannel.


On the other hand, we have to be clear in giving absolute priority to mobile channels. For this it is imperative to have a native app and a responsive web that needs to be constantly updated.


For that we need technology platforms in IaaS, infrastructure as a service and Paas; Services such as AWS, which allow us to upload, scale and adapt to the client every day. Also environments of continuous delivery, with which we can develop and put into production in just 7 minutes with all the tests already done; And be agile. And we should not forget to have centralized data with a datacentric architecture that allows us to always have the data updated in real time. Without all this, the digital channels can not be updated.


In the digital age we must open our minds, that is what makes digital leaders disruptive. Whatever the form, always top down; From the CEO, CIO, CTO … down.


The next step is to make a strategic plan for digital transformation. We need to know where we are and where we want to be in a certain period of time. Then we have to set the initiatives and the budget that we will need.


Now that we have everything, where do we begin? First, we need an implementation plan where we must define the KPIs for themselves, our strategy fails, to know how to react in time.


Another point to consider is the price. In order not to compete in price, we must increase our value bet. How? Increasing the bet of value with other companies from other sectors. For this we need to create an open ecosystem.


What will the world and our client be like in 5 years? We do not know, but what we do know is that it will be totally different from what it is now. So what is digital transformation about? To get our company to adapt to what comes in the future. It is in our hand to choose whether we live in a new world, or we die in an old world.


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