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It is clear that we can not brand mobile apps as a trend, because we have several years with the market increasingly flooded with applications of all kinds. From the useful tools that bring the factory devices, to consumer applications, communication or marketing. Even Google’s search engine discards web pages that are not optimized for use from mobile devices.


This year, the trend towards mobility will increase, not only for large firms. According to a study by the company almost 50% of small business owners will have an app in 2017, and traffic that was previously 10% will now be close to 70%.


What are they developing mobile applications for? The same survey reveals that 55% want to increase their sales, 50% improve the user experience, 50% to be competitive in the market, 17% for internal purposes, and 14% by the parent company.


There is a huge market for all those who get on the boat of mobile apps, developers and companies that do not yet have the technology.


And the uses that are taking more boom are those of applications to improve well-being, like fitness apps. Also the connections to sensors connected to internet will have a great growth, like apps that warn the driver of the conditions of the highway. And of course the commercial applications will be more and more common, to the point of making a clear difference between the companies that bet to have their own app.


What challenges will come with this trend? As developers we know that information security is crucial. It is estimated that up to 75% of current apps do not meet basic security rules.


So, if your company does not yet have a mobile application, this is the time to start. And if we are on the development side let us exploit this trend in 2017.


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