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Trends in Business Process Automation

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Trends in Business Process Automation

With the fierce competition that exists today a company needs to be as efficient as possible to survive in the market. In order to achieve this efficiency and effectiveness at the lowest possible cost, it must be able to measure the performance of its processes, with the aim of optimizing and automating them.


We all know the phrase “what can not be measured can not be improved”. What is the time it takes for our executives to resolve a credit application? What are the bottlenecks in my business? What is the most time consuming process in your area of business?


During the processes involved people, technological resources, materials, time, physical infrastructure, etc. Customer satisfaction is directly linked to the correct use of those resources.


Business Process Management (BPM) will help us in the following aspects:

  • Eliminate duplication of processes and reduce critical processes, reducing or eliminating errors, product defects and service. As well as activities that do not generate value.
  • Reduction of times in processes, optimizing the delivery time of a Product or Service to the final customer.
  • Documented processes and organizational efficiency.
  • Improve service quality to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Improve the productivity and efficiency of employees in their daily activities.
  • Generate value for the client to generate unique experiences.
  • Optimize the costs incurred in the execution of a process and improve profitability.


A defective process generates extra costs, time and customer dissatisfaction. No company that expects to survive the current market can afford to waste significant resources for not having its processes optimized. Does your business already have automated processes?


As always we share the tool that we consider the best for modeling and process automation: IBM’s Blueworks Live.


If you want to know more about BPM, contact us.


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