Trends 2017: Business Intelligence

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In this article we will review what we have the rest of the year in Business Intelligence (BI) topics.


We well know that BI has managed to be successful by getting that knowledge that was previously almost impossible to analyze because of the huge amount of unstructured information. From there it was defined as a strategy focused on the administration and creation of knowledge through the analysis of existing data in an organization.


Increasingly, companies are generating more data, so methods for extracting and analyzing business information must be faster, better and more efficient, and distributed throughout the value chain.


The main trends for 2017 are:


– Growth of predictive and analytical capabilities: Cluster analysis seeks to analyze ever larger datasets, in addition to improving the flexibility and speed of queries. In addition we must take into account the tendency of the use of prescriptive analytics, in charge of making decisions based on the knowledge obtained.


– Self-Service BI: An increase in the integration of BI tools in all departments of the company, more friendly and easy to use. Forrester announced this trend by assuring that companies will invest 300% more in data analysis, seeking expertise in the data analyst, making it a key piece in the IT department and collaborative analysis.


– Cloud computing: cloud BI is expected to grow this year, supported by higher data sources, scalability, faster processes and less expensive infrastructure.


– More integration of Iot (Internet of Things): the increase of devices “wasables” brings an increase of data in real time, generating the need to measure and evaluate this data. Companies are seeing the opportunity to measure this user-generated data to integrate them into marketing strategies and behavioral analysis.


– Increase in the purchase and sale of data: data brokers will become the basis of the development of personalized marketing of companies, as part of trends such as IoT and integration of user data. Many companies will be able to use this information as a competitive advantage to offer a more personalized product according to their specific needs and tastes.


Are you already integrating these strategies into your business?

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Top Trends in Business Intelligence for 2017

– Growth of predictive and analytical capabilities: A momentum is expected to enable larger data sets to be analyzed through clustered analysis, improving, among other

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