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2016 was a year that marked many trends, and 2017 seems to be an incredibly unpredictable year in terms of data, as for the world at large.


Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Internet Things Become Common


One thing we have almost certain is that the use of Machine learning, artificial intelligence and the internet of things will be trend in 2017.

Let’s start by familiarizing ourselves with the terms, Machine learning is a discipline of Artificial Intelligence, which creates systems that learn automatically. It is closely related to the concept of cognitive systems. In another moment we will return to the subject to deepen a little about the relationship that exists between both. However, the trend is strongly aimed at providing intelligence and independence capabilities to machines. (This is a good time to watch Terminator). Machine learning implies that systems improve autonomously over time, without human intervention.


An example of the use of Big Data and Machine learning in a company is the prediction of cancellation of the service by the customers. We have all been in the situation of not feeling satisfied with the services of banks, cellular companies, lodging, commercial flights, among others. And we know well that once we choose to change company little can be done to get us back to where we were. That is why it is important to predict which customers are in danger of going to the competition. How can big data and Machine learning help us? All companies have customer data such as contracted services, seniority, use of the service and the money they have spent. However few do something with all that data, in addition to using them to bill, since a human being could not analyze such amount of information and also be able to predict with them which client is about to leave with the neighbor in front. But this is not a problem for machine learning, because it can organize customer history and explore information to predict future behavior.


Detecting these patterns of behavior can predict which customers are unhappy with the services provided, comparing them to the behavior patterns of other customers who left our mark.


In particular big data is something that is occurring by default in companies exponentially, but few use it to create a competitive advantage with all that information generated.


Applications of machine learning for 2017:


  • Detect frauds.
  • Predict faults in technological equipment.
  • Human Resources (predict which employees will be most profitable in the year).
  • Selection of potential customers by their behavior in social networks, online shopping or way of interacting with our web.
  • Urban traffic.
  • Analyze the best time to post on Facebook or twitter.
  • Medical diagnostics.
  • Modify a mobile app to suit the user.
  • Decide the best time to call a customer.


Other technologies that will become trends this year are artificial intelligence and the internet of things. In fact at this time Amazon Echo sold more than 4 million units, with Google and Microsoft launching connected home devices and focused on artificial intelligence (AI).


These technologies are becoming popular not only in homes, but also companies are adopting them. Industries such as gas and oil, where sensors have served to cut costs, increase efficiency and improve safety.


With these success stories seen in 2016, 2017 anticipates more industries looking for all these technologies and how to take advantage of them. We have already seen Samsung announce a deal to buy Harman, to get to the connected car market. And surely we will see more cases like this coming soon.


Your business has the data, we tools and experts to use as a competitive advantage. What are you waiting for?


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