Starts with Digital Transformation with a pilot test

Pilotos en autos de carreras

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Nobody likes to be the “guinea pig”. In general this term brings to mind an idea of being irrelevant, to the extent that you can execute actions of trial and error without fear, given the little or no importance of it.


However in the technological environment we can take things in our favor: being the pilot project to initiate the digital transformation, or to integrate a new technological strategy entails great challenges and be the focus of attention.


Paradigmadigital’s blog has an excellent post about it, which we would like to share:




Based on our experience, the point to begin this change in the factory is through a pilot where a second speed is implemented using agile methodologies and implementing at technology level two concepts: PaaS and Continuous Delivery.


The objective of the pilot is to obtain quick results that also serve to show the usefulness of this new way of doing things, also to convince the rest of the organization of the utility of change and, thanks to this, allows to implement it little by little In the rest of the projects.


Continuous Delivery


Martin Fowler: “Continuous Delivery is a software development discipline that allows you to develop in a way that you can deploy in production at any time.”


Improving the TTM (Time To Market) is one of the main goals to change the ways of doing things. In order to achieve a substantial improvement in TTM, it is essential to automate all the processes of production of digital solutions through integrated equipment and automation tools, that is, to make Continuous Delivery.


Specifically Continuous Delivery is:


  • Everything automated: tests, deployments, etc.
  • Cloud Development on PaaS
  • Integrated Systems and Development (DevOps)
  • Use of best practices (Git workflows …)
  • Quality integrated from the beginning
  • Elastic and self-squeezing environments
  • Use of opensource technologies
  • Fact means “put into production”


For it to function, continuous deliveries of small functional increments must be made.

As well as focus on those things that generate value with low effort.


PaaS (+ Continuous Delivery)


The goal of PaaS (Platform as a Service) is to focus on generating business value and reducing costs.



A PaaS allows you to think about the part your customers see and that adds value (your application) “forgetting” about what is below it (life cycle, application server, database, operating system, servers, Storage, etc.).


“Just” you have to worry about coding, the PaaS makes it easy for you to build and deploy the changes to upload them into the production environment.




In short, if you feel identified with any of the following situations you should consider starting your digital transformation process as soon as possible:


  • You are not developing in a PaaS, either private or public Cloud.
  • You’re still doing manual deployments.
  • You do one deploy per month.
  • You do not have quality control built into the development lifecycle.
  • You fix a bug in an hour, but you have to wait 2 weeks to put it into production.


Mosquera, D. (25 de abril de 2016). Transformación digital: reinventa la fábrica. Recovered from:

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