This is how companies have digitized and automated their business operations.

Task automation -RPA

Use bots and all other business automation capabilities together to enable digital labor.

Document processing

Classify documents and extract data using pretrained deep learning models to get more out of your data.


Combine business rules and machine learning to help make intelligent operational decisions.

Content services

Use AI to gain a better understanding and provide better governance over your enterprise content.

Workflow IBM BAW

Platform for the management and orchestration of the business process, in order to optimize and have greater visibility of the operation and business results.

IBM Blueworks Live

A process modeling tool that allows you to discover, map and document your business processes in a collaborative way.

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of business leaders say automation can save them more than 3 hours of work per day.


It will be the date when one in five workers who perform non-routine tasks will rely on AI to do their job.

Automatiza el trabajo a escala, digitaliza tus reglas comerciales, contenido y flujos de trabajo. Aplica Inteligencia Artificial a los datos para obtener mayor precisión, exactitud y velocidad. Implementación flexible diseñe, cree y ejecute soluciones de automatización en cualquier nube o dentro de su centro de datos

Cloud Pak for Automation

Digitize work with comprehensive, modular capabilities: workflow, digital decision making, content services, data capture, and document management

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Are you ready to take the next step?

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