Digital Transformation, where do I start?

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Now that we are all flooded by the concept of digital transformation, mobility, customer experience, big data, organizational culture, decision making, cloud, Software as a Service, trends and other valuable information about the technological world that surrounds us, We must ask ourselves: How do I start with digital transformation?


Starting from scratch has always been the most complicated, from the physical laws we realize that a body at rest is more difficult to move, than one that already has inertia. So you have to start as soon as possible, and here is valuable information to take that first big step:


Despite the particularities of different sectors and companies, we have been discovering patterns, a more or less common way that all of them must follow to become digital companies at all levels.


Within this common path we can find different levels of maturity, a kind of steps, so you have to overcome different challenges to get to the next step. For example, you can not consider doing continuous delivery if you do not even know what continuous integration is. Neither manage your company in an agile way if even your development teams work in an agile way.


We have also learned that digital transformation, as well as technology, covers many other things. We speak of 3 fundamental vectors:


  • Technology. A technological renewal is necessary so that the IT departments can give service to business to the rate that demands Internet.
  • Culture organizational. One of the main challenges of the transformation are the people, the company culture and the organizational structure.
  • Business. Digitization not only allows us to gain in efficiency, but also enables the creation of new businesses thanks to the new digital possibilities.


All three are equally important and need to be addressed equitably.


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