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In this age of Industry 4.0, implement Cognitive and Artificial Intelligence solutions in your company, such as interpreting video and images, analysis of feelings, understanding text patterns and decision making, or interpreting conversations automatically.


Accelerate research and discovery


Reduce response times, increase the number of transactions and make each interaction meaningful and productive.

Share knowledge


Expose knowledge for any industry, which can be used to retain and accelerate the expertise of more experienced employees and pass it on to new collaborators.

Anticipate and prevent interruptions


Use AI to constantly monitor the system conditions that support your business to ensure that larger problems do not interrupt your work.

Increase the client’s commitment


It can be used to improve the relationship with clients, because it is able to recognize emotions and voice tone.


IBM® Watson®


Powered by the latest innovations in machine learning, Watson lets you learn more with less data. You can integrate AI into your most important business processes, informed by IBM’s rich industry expertise. You can build models from scratch, or leverage our APIs and pre-trained business solutions. No matter how you use Watson, your data and insights belong to you − and only you.



More information: https://www.ibm.com/watson

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