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IBM Watson chef

Cognitive menu – IBM Watson

IBM today presented in Madrid a ‘cognitive menu’ created by the technological system Chef Watson. According to the US multinational, this is the first time that a technological system creates a gastronomic menu, a result of applying IBM Watson’s cognitive computing to the culinary field.

tendencias business intelligence
Business Intelligence

Top Trends in Business Intelligence for 2017

– Growth of predictive and analytical capabilities: A momentum is expected to enable larger data sets to be analyzed through clustered analysis, improving, among other things, flexibility and speed over data queries. To this capacity we must add the tendency towards the use of prescriptive

experiencia del cliente
Customer experience

Trends in the customer experience

– Customer centric. Putting the focus of business strategy on the client, their needs, wishes and demands is not something new. However, the good news is that, according to Shep Hyken at Forbes, “companies are making the effort, they are improving and they can catch

experiencia del usuario
Customer experience

Improving the customer experience with cognitive services

Combining several IBM Watson® services we can create a social media customer service center, monitor tweets with reference to the business and understand the needs or requests of the customers of the brand and respond proactively.   A practical example we have on this site:


Artificial intelligence implant in our brain?

Remember when artificial intelligence was science fiction?   Reality is more and more surpassing fiction, and the idea of a revolt of machines in the purest Holliwood style does not seem impossible after all. With advances in artificial intelligence, robotics, cognitive capabilities and machine learning,

Inteligencia de negocios
Business Intelligence

Trends 2017: Business Intelligence

In this article we will review what we have the rest of the year in Business Intelligence (BI) topics.   We well know that BI has managed to be successful by getting that knowledge that was previously almost impossible to analyze because of the huge

Customer experience

Trends: Mobile Application Development

It is clear that we can not brand mobile apps as a trend, because we have several years with the market increasingly flooded with applications of all kinds. From the useful tools that bring the factory devices, to consumer applications, communication or marketing. Even Google’s

big data

Trends 2017 – Big Data

2016 was a year that marked many trends, and 2017 seems to be an incredibly unpredictable year in terms of data, as for the world at large.   Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Internet Things Become Common   One thing we have almost certain is

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