Artificial intelligence implant in our brain?


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Remember when artificial intelligence was science fiction?


Reality is more and more surpassing fiction, and the idea of a revolt of machines in the purest Holliwood style does not seem impossible after all. With advances in artificial intelligence, robotics, cognitive capabilities and machine learning, machines are becoming more and more independent of the human being, and some think they will soon leave us behind.


Under this premise is that Elon Musk (founder of SpaceX and Tesla) is about to start an ambitious project to connect our brains to computers through a layer of artificial intelligence that seeks to create a kind of neural link that will give the human being super intelligence.


The idea of improving human intelligence by connecting to a computer does not seem so far-fetched, although the motivations of this project are more disturbing; According to Musk’s own words there is a high existential risk that artificial intelligence leaves us so far behind that we end up becoming mascots of machines.


The way to address this risk is to provide a layer of artificial intelligence through a “neuronal loop” that works biologically within us.


This project has greater ambitions than those already proposed by a team of Harvard scientists in 2015 who developed an electrode mesh deployed on the cerebral cortex to stimulate different parts of the brain.


Neuralink aims to achieve a symbiosis with machines, so that we can interact with them through our thoughts in different ways, like giving them orders, writing documents without using the keyboard, keeping our thoughts in a Hard drive or copy information from the computer directly to our brain.


“It will mainly affect bandwidth, the speed of connection between our brain and the digital version of ourselves and especially the performance,” added Musk.


Medical applications of something like this would be enormous, for example as implants that can be used to treat diseases such as epilepsy or depression.


Do you think there is a real risk that the machines will eventually reveal themselves and dominate humanity? I do not know about you but I will take my precautions; This weekend I will dedicate to seeing all the films of Terminator to be prepared in case of an apocalypse of the machines. If you have a better plan please let us know in the comments.

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