aKúbica help companies to boost up their growth with high end technology
Retail & CPG
We have optimized the financial collection process in many companies through automation software, where we used solutions like RPA and data extraction from digital files or images
We have helped to improve the purchase order processes through data extraction software and task orchestration with RPA, coordinating, enriching and linking information through many data sources and internal applications.
With the Covid pandemic, we have helped a Healthcare Governmental Institution to answer questions coming from the population and medical personal, we implemented Watson Assistant on their website and it understands different expressions of our language and answers with truthful information
Financial services
The financial sector works with a big number of documents. We had helped one of the largest companies in Mexico implementing the technology to improve both the administration area and the document storage, even we helped with BPM for the document orchestration and follow up.
Electronic Signature
With our digital signature solution, we have helped several industrial sectors, we have given them legal support on their documents from the technology point of view, for example, in the manufacturing sector we created a digital file with digital signatures, time stamp and proof of message preservation to bring legal security at the parties in case of litigation

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About Us

We are specialists in the implementation of Comprehensive software solutions with a focus on digital transformation and business process automation. We make sure to improve the user experience through innovative technologies such as Artificial and Cognitive Intelligence, Blockchain, Software robots, among others. 

Since 2011, the year in which Sistemas aKúbica began, we have supported different organizations by becoming their technological allies, through projects for the implementation of software solutions, consulting, support and custom developments, always with the aim of adding value to the processes of our business partners. 

At Sistemas aKúbica, we take our commitments very seriously, we believe in continuous improvement and we understand that to make a difference in the market it is necessary to be disruptive; and above all we know that service, a sense of urgency, the solution of needs and the creation of value for our clients are the most important, that is why every day we live with this philosophy from within our company. “OUR WORK IS OUR PASSION”. 

Retail & CPG

Learn about the automation tools that will help you respond competitively to consumers, streamline Go-to-Market processes, provide faster service tailored to your customers.

Financial Services

Solutions focused on improving the user experience in the financial sector, providing technology to your clients and automation of key processes ensuring the speed and confidence of any transaction.


Discover how to provide more agile care in health issues, combining technology and data to respond to current industry challenges.


Implement smart business processes by automating activities in different areas such as supply chain, logistics, order processing, warehouse control, among others.

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